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The workshop meeting of the Town Board of the Town of Mount Hope and Village Board of the Village of Otisville was held at Village Hall on October 2, 2014 at 7:00pm with the following present: Supervisor Chad Volpe, Councilman Gary Ketcham, Councilman Matt Howell, Councilwoman Janet Sutherland, Councilman Dominick Cambareri, Mayor Brian Wona, Trustee Diane Loeven, Trustee Ken Coppola, Trustee Ike Palmer, Trustee Bob Bennett, Village Clerk Christine Dipoalo & Town Clerk Kathleen Myers.


OFFICIALS PRESENT: Attorney H. Dallow & Attorney D. Bavoso.


Following the Pledge of Allegiance, Mayor Wona called the meeting to order at 7:45PM.


Attorney Dallow: As per the statute, this meeting is for both boards to vote and move forward with a majority vote.  A joint public hearing has to be with both boards.  Then both boards meet individually to make a decision to move forward or not.  If the board feels that the resolution is subject to mandatory referendum, then you could have a vote.

Supervisor Volpe: to move forward we need to say let’s move forward.

Attorney Dallow: we need a proposal to move forward to get public input.

Supervisor Volpe:  we need to go back to our own boards and vote whether to move forward.

Attorney Dallow: if you decide and go to a referendum, which would be your resolution to move forward, then by law it’s subject to permissive referendum.  After the public hearing each board would make a decision what to do.

Supervisor Volpe: added that we can’t do a public hearing without having the information there.

Attorney Dallow: agreed – you have to have the information.

Councilman Cambareri: how long can we stay in the exploratory stage?

Attorney Dallow: explained that if 1 public hearing isn’t enough, then you can adjourn to another date.

Supervisor Volpe:  if we vote tonight, how much time do we have to schedule a public hearing?

Councilman Howell: read from a letter from Attorney Bavoso dated 9-18.

Attorney Dallow: spoke re: having a public hearing 1st then the fact finding after.  What would be the purpose?

Trustee Loeven: added if she was going to a public hearing, she would want specific information.

Attorney Dallow:  suggested that the fact finding be done 1st then have public hearing with all the information.  Mandatory referendum is when public hears all the information.  Public hearing has to be held within 30 days of today IF both boards agree tonight.

Trustee Loeven: we as a board need to put together in essence what the steering committee did.

Attorney Dallow:  suggested to wait for David (Bavoso) to get his opinion and interpretation.

Trustee Coppola:  clarified that they do fact finding 1st, then vote, then have public hearing.

Attorney Dallow: suggested to hold the work sessions 1st.  Do that now then have the meeting – it’s a formality.  30 days doesn’t give much time for fact finding.

Trustee Loeven:  clarified – your interpretation is consistent with the fire department attorney.  This group can decide to meet like this or break into smaller groups.

Trustee Coppola: (to Supervisor Volpe): have you heard anything about the settlement?

Supervisor Volpe: No. he asked what the committees are – to break into.

Trustee Loeven:  named a few: mapping, disposition of property, disposition of real property, budgeting.

Attorney Dallow: These groups just gather the information.  They don’t make decisions.

Trustee Loeven: (to Supervisor Volpe): do you want to get together to set up the committees?

Supervisor Volpe: within a month we could find out all the information.

Trustee Loeven: suggested to meet again in a month to see where we are all at.

Supervisor Volpe: Brian & I could do the finances.  Diane asked to sit in on that. Real property and property Ken & Ike can do.

Councilman Howell:  will do mapping with Dominick.

Trustee Loeven: asked about staffing.

Trustee Coppola: asked any of the other board members if anyone from the public has approached them about this. Discussion.



Trustee Loeven: asked about doing the long range capital plan.  She will do this.


At this point the boards discussed the next meeting date.


Mayor Wona:  spoke about the physical boundaries, disposition of property and a 5 year budget.

Trustee Loeven: spoke re: manpower issue.

Councilman Cambareri:  will do manpower.

Trustee Loeven: asked does the district have to contract with existing organization? Does the district have the ability to form an Otisville- Mount Hope fire company?

Attorney Bavoso: once a district is formed, they can choose who they want to provide it.  Companies can merge.



MOTION offered by Councilman Howell seconded by Councilman Ketcham to schedule a joint workshop meeting for the Monday, November 17, 2014 at 8:00pm at Mount Hope Town HallAll in favor: Howell, Ketcham, Volpe, Sutherland, Cambareri; carried.


Councilwoman Sutherland:  would like to work on staffing.



MOTION offered by Trustee Coppola seconded by Trustee Loeven to schedule a joint workshop meeting for the Monday, November 17, 2014 at 8:00pm at Mount Hope Town HallAll in favor – carried.


Supervisor Volpe: suggested that everyone communicate through email.  If anyone wants to sit in on other groups’ meetings they can.  Make sure there is no quorum.

Trustee Loeven:  suggested to put in the emails when groups are meeting and make sure on 2 from either board is there.



MOTION offered by Trustee Loeven seconded by Trustee Palmer to adjourn meeting at 8:17pm.  All in favor – carried. 


Respectfully submitted,

Kathleen A. Myers, Town Clerk